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  • Author: Anthology Wellness

    The Nano Scrub(s)

    You may remember, last year we released a Nano CBD body scrub. It was an instant hit. Packed with minerals, the original Nano Scrub doubles as a face mask if you let it dry on your skin and rinse off...

    Ready For Spring?

    Get glowing for the spring season! We put together a little list of some of our favorite Adaptation CBD products most often purchased for irritated skin and various skin conditions, below ↡

    The Salves

    We put together a little guide, to help you choose the salve that’s right for you. The Salves are medicinal herbal infusions for everyday wellness, formulated with hemp paraffin and 1000mg of full spectrum hemp extract. The paraffin in the formula...

    CBD and better sleep?

    Obviously a good night’s sleep is important, but with every day’s stresses a lot of people have a difficult time to unwind. So, does CBD help? A good read from Healthline. To view whole article, click here. “Research published in...

    CBC for Skincare

    Our data suggest that CBG and CBGV may have potential in the treatment of dry‐skin syndrome, whereas CBC, CBDV and especially THCV show promise to become highly efficient, novel anti‐acne agents. Moreover, based on their remarkable anti‐inflammatory actions, phytocannabinoids could...

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