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  • You should never buy untested CBD

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    Anthology Wellness

    A good read from the NY Times this week.

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    Moral of the story is make sure you buy a lab tested product, that actually contains what it claims it contains, without pesticides, metals, and toxins.

    We work closely with our farms to ensure that the product we’re getting is grown to our standards. You can view the COA from the State of Oregon here. Then after extraction, we send out samples of the isolate & distillate to a third party lab for further testing (posted here). Because there’s a lot of data, and it can be confusing, we plan on breaking it down better for you in the near future and including the most recent finds in our newsletter.

    Additionally, we’ve also begun testing each product individually, to assure you that in fact it does contain the amount of CBD it claims it contains. We’re going to begin tagging the product that way you know where each batch comes from, this way you can easily view the info when you’re purchasing your item.

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